Database Consulting

Database Consulting


We can help you deliver better results from IT investments-increasing operational efficiencies, driving down costs, and securing vital data. DB consulting is an ideal solution for when internal resources are constrained and not available to carry out the company’s database needs.

Database consulting services include a wide-range of functions the most common listed here.

  1. Architecture and Design
  2. Storage selection
  3. High availability
  4. Backup and disaster recover strategy
  5. Performance testing
  6. Migration strategies
  7. Database security standards

Our approach combines people, business process, and advanced technology. Our professionals bring the business focus, project management experience, and technology expertise required to successfully deliver business-critical technology solutions in either a fixed price or hourly manner. XTIVIA possesses the capabilities to deliver integrated business solutions that satisfy the needs of both our clients and their customers:

A wide breadth of technologies that satisfy the needs of our clients

Specialized skills and experience

Proven techniques, technologies, and project management processes to create high quality and unique IT solutions


Database project service and support


Our remote project implementation methodology will help you achieve quality, as well as a timely project delivery that suits your budget.


We engage with the client to collect requirements and prepare documents

We prepare comprehensive designs, as well as building and operational documents

Our peer review process will ensure that we deliver quality documents at each stage

Every action will be documented and reviewed by peer specialists, ensuring we give you a quality service

Our database specialists will work around the clock to ensure projects are delivered on time

We use monthly project reporting and billing, helping you manage projects easily

We provide remote project support with one flat fee, regardless of if you need support after hours or on weekends


DBA Staffing


Our recruiting team can work with you to fill your open reqs, because finding a qualified candidate and having them properly “teched” in a technology you may not have expertise in isn’t as simple. XTIVIA can narrow down the field and provide you with the technically qualified candidates for your final interviews to meet your recruiting needs.

Right to Hire

You test drive a car before you buy it, so why not do the same when you want to hire an employee? Based on your requirements D2C will locate candidates and perform technical pre-screens. Once a candidate is presented to you and passes your interview process, they are initially brought into your organization as a consultant of D2C


Remote DBA support


Our globally distributed, elite teams of certified database administrators provide 24/7 comprehensive, proactive, expert support for all database management activities.

From database design, migrations, capacity planning, upgrades, performance tuning, backup and recovery, to round-the-clock monitoring, problem detection and resolution, our teams help customers keep their mission-critical systems in top shape. Anywhere, anytime–in the cloud or on-premises.

DBA team that supports diverse technical backgrounds and complex business environments. Our experience represents every business industry and market. Our experience represents most technologies and database domains. From SMBs to Fortune 1000 firms, Reliason services have provided the right DBA skill mix to monitor and manage from small database environments to large and complex enterprise database environments. Rely on a service that provides an expert team of DBAs with a composite skill mix to support any enterprise database centric organization. We provide/support complex database applications across all major platforms.