Service Delivery Model

Our Global Service Delivery Model allows us to deliver quality services from the start of project to completion. Our teams are set up at the client site, our headquarters, and off shore in India. This model helps us to provide a wide range of services to our clients, as well as maintain transparency, flexibility, and timeliness for the duration of each project.

Our global delivery model helps drive down costs and speed up implementation of strategic initiatives, enabling you to compete and win in the global economy.

That art of remote people management is to get four essentials right.

• Clarity about governance   Whether the teams are from D2C or from its partner network, the scope of what needs to be undertaken — and in what timescale — needs to be clearly understood• Uniform processes  Customers expect the same service and control around the world, so processes need to be formalized and consistent
• Rock-solid management platform  By design, the GPMO means customers should not see any difference between a ticket serviced by D2C or a third party
• Genuine partner network   some vendors tend to offload the risk of execution to sub-contractors — ensuring they carry the penalties and liabilities — D2C maintains responsible for the quality of field service interventions and takes the hit if that falls short. So the platform needs to be able to monitor quality closely, highlighting a partner’s ability to execute over time.